Sunday, 29 March 2015

X2, X3, X8: New timetables today

Today's the day when most of our local buses have a timetable change and the X3 is rerouted.

See the new timetable for the X2 and X3 here.

  • The X3 no longer serves Sheepway, but does now serve a new stop right at the entrance to Sainsbury's Portishead.
  • We have later buses back from Bristol on Mon-Sat evenings. The last bus from Bristol Bus Station towards Portishead used to be at 2330, but there are now two extra X2 departures at 0030 and 0130 every Mon-Sat night.

See the new timetable for the X8 here.

  • A couple of evening journeys have been cut, so the last X8 from Portishead towards Nailsea now departs from the White Lion at 1840 Mon-Sats. The last bus from Nailsea towards Portishead now departs from Stockway South at 1802 on weekdays and 1754 on Saturdays.

Miss that last direct X8 from Nailsea and you'll have to get the X8 or X10 to Hotwells and then change there for the X2 or X3. All in all, the journey will take about an hour and a half compared to around half an hour for the direct service.

One does wonder whether the X8 would attract more passengers if it took advantage of Nailsea & Backwell railway station being the rail hub for Nailsea, Portishead and Clevedon. If it were possible to catch a bus to and from the station, without having to go on a big detour of Hannah More Road then the X8 would be a far more attractive option for those travelling to and from further afield. Of course it would need to run later than 6pm in order for it to be really viable, but I think some untapped potential is definitely there.

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