Friday, 20 June 2014

First fares change on 6th July

First, who run most of the buses in Portishead, have realised that we're being slightly overcharged and are therefore cutting most of their single fares from Sunday 6th July. Full details here.

Single fares will be harmonised across the region, being based on distance rather than whatever formula they use currently. This means an adult single between Portishead and Bristol will be cut from £5.50 currently to £4.50. Local journeys within Portishead will be £1.50.

There's no change to the Bristol Outer zone range of FirstDay, FirstWeek, FirstMonth and FirstYear tickets.

What is new for us is the FirstTen ticket: Ten single journeys of any distance within the Bristol Inner/Outer zones on one ticket for £24. Using this to travel to/from Bristol means you'll pay an average of £4.80 return.

The current South West regional versions of FirstDay, First Week, FirstMonth and FirstYear are changing to become West regional tickets at the same price. They will no longer be valid on routes that are now branded as The Buses Of Somerset. This will only affect you if you need to travel beyond Weston-super-Mare. The £7 FirstDay West for example will still be valid on the X5 all the way to Weston.

If you do want to make a journey beyond Weston-super-Mare that involves using The Buses Of Somerset, then the only through ticket that will be available to you is the FirstDay West Plus at £10, that's a rise of 42% compared with the old FirstDay South West, which is being phased out.

These changes to fares take effect from Sunday 6th July.

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